Australian Hunger

53. Hemina

May 28, 2020

This week I talk to Douglas Skene of Sydney progressive metal band Hemina about their last album Night Echoes, why they wanted a vinyl-length 45 minute record this time around and we discuss the impending effects of Coronavirus on the live scene and lockdown begins to happen two months ago.

  • 3:35 Hemina

The songs played during this episode were:

  • 24:55 What's the Catch?
  • 45:15 We Will

I also discuss the delay in releasing the interview.


  • Black Feathers On Their Graces by Master Massive
  • Bloodletting by Mountaineer


Band's Facebook:
Band's Bandcamp:
Master Massive - Black Feathers On Their Graces:
Mountaineer - Bloodletting:

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