Australian Hunger

54. Arbrynth

June 13, 2020

This week I talk to Matt Dodds of Melbourne metal band Arbrynth about their new album A Place Or Buried Light and the development of the band over the last seven years.

  • 5:40 Arbrynth

The songs played during this episode were:

  • 16:45 The Dark Between The Stars
  • 40:20 Beautiful In Death

I also discuss the encouraging protests for racial justice.


  • Empathica by Unreqvited
  • A Dead And Aimless Hum by shedfromthebody


Arbrynth's Facebook:
Arbrynth's Bandcamp:
Empathica - Unreqvited:
A Dead And Aimless Hum - shedfromthebody:

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